Greetings to everyone involved, Thank you in Advanced for been part of all these!

Initially, as concern Live events & operations:

     “For me, ProMontaje is a very highly organized group, efficient, coordinated in all technical & aesthetic aspects; thinking always to offer the client; an excellent and qualified service for live events’ matters in Venezuela. Offering thou, incredible  quality, from audio equipment (Top of the line), to lighting, video, and structures, you name it.

       Thanks to Mr. Eduardo Brewer & Mr. Pablo Bonilla (Sport Solution – Official MeyerSound, Leo Systems Collaborator), for the great learning/ experience offered during my time at ProMontaje in Venezuela (2011-2014), also the opportunity to be part of a company of productive people.

      This Gallery of images, is a representation of my services and rolls were I’ve been involved with ProMontaje through all this time; from tutoring DigiCo mixers to assist in many roles for the company, from maintenance of all audio equipment to Chief assistant manager, promotions, Live events & operations, alignment, testing & calibration of all audio equipment, etc. Every aspect thinking always as part of a major team. I am glad that I was involved with people that share this way of thinking.

      Was a great ride with ProMontaje, many thanks to them, for the oportunity, and this alliance made through time for future prospects and business. 

         Wishing you, as always: The best!, Farewell, Cheers”  

Ezequiel G. Borges Ippolitov. 

August 13th, 2014.

Ezequiel G. Borges Ippolitov – Ezks Productions.

Ezequiel Borges Ippolitov - Ezks Productions Logo. ©®℗ All rights reserved.

Seminar RF – Shure & Audio Concept with Gabriel Benítez

Reinnassance Hotel – March 17th & 18th. Caracas – 2013, Venezuela.

Movistar Festival – Poliedro de Caracas Parking Lot. From the 31st of March to the 1st of May, 2013.

PEPSI Latin Music Awards 2013 – Euro building Hotel – Nexo Subs along with Otto Marquez PA

Company plus our Structures, Lights, Video & Stage, May – Caracas – 2013, Venezuela.

ProMontaje´s Testing New LEO system, Spanzoo? Terrain, El Hatillo, Caracas, Vzla – July 11th, 2013.

Marathon Oreo 3K – Chacao Distro – Los 2 Caminos.

Jul 12th. Caracas – 2013, Venezuela.

Oscarcito & guests – Private Birthday Party

Jul 19th, El Hatillo, Spanzoo? Terrain, Caracas, 2013 – Venezuela.

CoverBand for Genesis in MultiChannel Speaker configuration

July 28th, Corp. Banca Building – 2013, Caracas, Venezuela.

FIBA – Poliedro de Caracas. July 30th

to August 12th, 2013 – Venezuela.

Aerosmith – Live at Poliedro de Caracas Parking Lot, Sept. 28th, Venezuela 2013.

Carlos Vives – October 17th to 19th, 2013.

Poliedro de Caracas, Venezuela.

Samsung NightRun 5K Chacao Distro Main Ave., Caracas, Venezuela. October 9th, 11th & 12th, 2013.

Caracas Theater Club – Stand, Promotion & WorkshopHablemos Audio

October 18th – 2013. Caracas – Venezuela.




Hotel Tamanaco Intercontinental – Horse auction Haras Urama & ProMontaje

October 22nd, 2013.

Yordano – BOD Centro Cultural – Torre Corp. Banca Building.

October 30th to November 3rd, 2013.

Ezks Productions – Ezequiel – ProMontaje Diversos 2012-2014

a. Brewer´s Roof – Helping everybody setup – Sep 2011

b. Maintenance & Order – by Ezequiel-2012-2013

c. Fixing, setting up & Int.Training of all DigicoMixers, among the SD7- July 30th, 2013.

d New Toys – April to September – 2013.

e. New Headquarters – April 8th – 2014 – By Felipe Alvarado & Cristobal Guerra.

f. Diversos – Old HeadQuearters.

g. New Lights

h. Guaco – CCCT . Caracas, Venezuela. 2014

i. ProMontaje´s Monster Stage 2014.

Ezks Productions – Ezequiel – ProMontaje 360 degrees Panorama Pictures

Many More…soon to be publish (July 2022)