NEWS, 2023, end of April.

Hello there,

All the media Works of Landscapes , Video & Music, through all this time (1996-2014th almost 2015th), would be posted here.

Discrography. Biography. Media. All music will be posted through Channels so you can access to it any time you want.

Among, all the pictures, extra unseen footage & NEW video material! A lot of Time spent editing those….. We appreciate all our fans, for all the patience / time spent writing us, about our music since 1997, (Until His Arrival´s Days!!!,even before that until latest years) /also, as independent bands (Individual Mithology & Land Escape),…….. You know who you are!….We really enjoy the true support, through real people that actually listened to us & share that ride with us!!!,You brought us luck & help us in every way, even in times needed, Including our families. Thank you!!!!

We Appreciate, the trust , and help and support through all these years.

Everything Regarding Landscapes will be posted here Hopefully very Soon.

In The name of all the members of what conformed this band from its beginnings until its latest days…

Many, Many thanks! All best 2 all of U!



All Rights Reserved



All Media…..

Soon , 2023.